The Top 5 Myths You've Been Led to Believe About Auto Detailing


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The Top 5 Myths You've Been Led to Believe About Auto Detailing

1- There’s no difference between car washing and auto detailing

Washing is a process you find at an automated car wash or by washing your vehicle in your driveway. Auto detailing requires a customized "treatment plan" to ensure your vehicle obtains the highest quality outcome for your investment. Detailing involves advanced treatments that remove foreign substances, mineral deposits and contaminants from your vehicle’s paint surface. This is accomplished with advanced processes such as claying, chemical decontamination, polishing, and waxing.

2- Polishing isn't important in keeping your paint looking like new

If this step is (or was) not completed before waxing your vehicle, then you’ll notice your paint defects are more visible. Specifically, if your paint is dull, lifeless, has microscopic scratches and swirls, then polishing your vehicle prior to waxing was probably omitted. Polish is an abrasive product that is used to prepare the paint surface for waxing/sealants (or ceramic coating) by removing paint defects and creating an even surface.

3- A good wax is “just as good” as a professional ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are more permanent, last significantly longer, are more durable, and deliver a deeper shine than any wax product on the market. Unlike traditional old school waxes, ceramic coatings actually penetrate into the pores of the surface allowing for the longevity, durability, and deeper gloss. AND ceramic coatings come with up to a 3-year guarantee! Learn more here- AffluentAutoSpa.com/Ceramic

4- Electric machines are damaging to your vehicle’s paint

Like any high quality professional service, the proper training on the “tools” of the trade is critical. In the wrong hands, a rotary buffer or dual action polisher could cause more damage than good. Your paint is made to survive some pretty harsh conditions: rain, windstorms, sun, and other elements but those things among others will slowly and continually “beat up” your clear coat. To correct your paint imperfections, you need an experienced technician with the right equipment.

5- You only have to wash your vehicle when it’s “dirty”

Most people wash their vehicles only when there is a noticeable dirt collection, or some kid leaves a “please wash me” message on it. The problem with that “load of dirt” is that foreign substances, mineral deposits and contaminants eventually start to diminish your wax, and then damage your finish. Avoid this dilemma by establishing an ongoing routine. Learn more here- AffluentAutoSpa.com/VIPMO

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