Outstanding service!

I work in a dirt yard so needless to say when I contacted Dylan about detailing the inside of my truck I had no expectation for it to look brand new… however, I was completely wrong. My truck looked as clean as the day I got it from the dealership PLUS he applied a protective coat on it to help keep me smiling with all this dirt around me! Amazing job and easy to work with!

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Okay, this might be a little bit random, but I saw your blog and had to ask, are you interested in a translation job? I know I’m a stranger but I felt like doing a good deed today by alerting a couple people that a good position has opened up here: https://bit.ly/TranslationJobsHiring and they pay sometimes even $40/hour. Okay, they won’t always give that amount, I only made around $300 last week, but it’s part time and when times are tight, every little bit helps. Hope it helps, and my apologies if you’re not interested. Have a great day/evening!

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